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The Benefit of Breastfeeding To Mothers and Babies

Breastfeeding good for child

Breastfeeding has enormous benefits to your child’s health

Most mothers or mothers-to-be already know that breast milk is the best milk for a baby. There are so many different benefits to breastfeeding a baby versus using a supplement for feeding.

When a baby is first born, the mother carries all of the most important vitamins and nutrients that the baby needs to prevent a number of different health issues and diseases. Not only does breastfeeding prevent illnesses and allow your child to grow up healthier, it is also important for bonding between mother and baby.

Studies show that the bond between mother and child is even stronger when a baby is breastfed.

Is my baby getting enough to eat?

There are many mothers who worry about whether or not their babies are getting enough to eat during their feeding time.

This is especially true during the beginning of the breastfeeding phase when there is only colostrum being developed in the breast.

To answer the question, yes, your baby is getting enough to eat because even though there is not very much colostrum coming out from your breasts, it is just enough for a baby’s stomach.

Changes in Breast milk

As your baby starts to get older the colostrum that you have been feeding to him/her turns into milk.

This usually occurs at the latest, the fifth day after the child is born.

Easy to Digest

Another great benefit for breastfeeding your child is that the breast milk is easier to digest compared to the over the counter formulas that you can buy in the stores.

Since the protein that in the formula is made from cow’s milk, it takes the baby longer to digest it.

Breastfeeding is easier

Breastfeeding an infant is easier because you don’t have to worry about cleaning bottles or making a bottle with sterilized water and then mixing in formula.

It saves time.



The following article is intended for information purpose only. It is not intended as a substitute to paediatrician or medical professional advice.

For more information about breastfeeding your child please contact your GP, NHS direct or your health visitor.

Meanwhile, for private professional consultation, please call… and make an appointment for our paediatric consultant to visit you and your child at your home.